Don't Put Off Your Septic Tank Repair

Rely on us for fast service in Hereford, Sierra Vista, AZ and all of Cochise County

When a component of your septic tank gives out, you can run into serious problems. Get your system checked for peace of mind and if necessary, contact a professional for septic system troubleshooting and repair estimates. MCCOYS SEPTIC SERVICES LLC uses vast experience in the field to determine if repairs can be made, including in-line video cameras, to inspect lines and leach field lines . We provide services for property owners in Sierra Vista, Hereford, and cover all of Cochise County. We are the only company in Cochise County that can do tank repairs, and can fix leaking tanks.

If you need to schedule a septic tank repair, and don't have time to wait for answers or help on Monday morning, we have limited emergency service, but we answer the phones even on the weekends and late in the evening to give advice and suggestions for you to help resolve the problem or at least give some temporary relief till we can get someone out there to work on it. Call today 520-456-9243.

What can we do to help?

What can we do to help?

Fixing your septic tank is our top priority. Fast repairs can help prevent lasting damage on your property. If your septic tank leaks into your yard, it can create sewage pooling, even find it's way under structures, create health hazards and other possible damages...

Our septic tank repair services include…

  • Sealing pipe leaks
  • Rebuilding corroded areas
  • Repairing broken lines
  • Sealing leaks in the tank
  • Installing riser access / making access in the cement tops
  • Installing filters to protect the leach field
  • Repairing the plumbing inside the tank (Sanitary Tee repair or replacement)

A septic tank/line repair requires special equipment and trained professionals. Call us today to speak with a technician about your needs.